• 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 130㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2022-10-20    Completion Date : 2022-10-20
  • 设计师 : 胡秦玮   Designer : Qinwei Hu
  • 摄影 : yuuuunstudio
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 禾公社空间设计   Official Name : Hogoso Design
  • 官网/公众号 : 禾公社空间设计   Website/Official Accounts : Hogoso Design
EMPIRE  地王地板
从树木的视角 以时间·空间·生灵为切入点 围绕与木生息,进行地板的系列化探索和衍生 人、木同为自然造化,日复一日随光线变化生长休憩,最终通过木的纹理被记载下来。人类栖息在木的建筑里,树木的生命在人类生活中得到延续。人、木,世代依存,传承隽永。 从对自然纯净到对建筑感的追求,当空间和产品去除多余的修饰,不在是单一的陈列和展示产品,以直白的方式还原设计的本质。在消费主流群体日趋年轻化,打破常规概念的传统的样板间模式,更像一个艺术展示空间。当90后和95后的崛起成为市场消费的主力军,他们拥有着两微一抖小红书的社交媒体,崇尚“颜值即正义”,并且不满足于单一风格,追求个性化,且希望高效。这样的消费需求必然推动消费模式的转变。 设计师顺应当下可持续发展的去传统化 、克制 、态度和环保理念,融入未来的业态运营设想。让产品与空间与自然与人,同时与时间产生共鸣,有形无形中增加了空间质感。不规则的几何线条互相交织·分离,成为空间的连接、遮挡或过渡,并为空间营造一种新的氛围。 人木皆为自然生灵,同享大地滋养“与木生息”表达动静之间,自然、人与生命共生的哲学思考。 将建筑解构形块与木地板的纵横形态结合,辅以低饱和度的大地色立面和氛围光,将人与建筑融入自然事物,让错落有致的几何线条,呈现自然空间的呼吸感。让客人可以按照设定的路线感受全部产品,参与到每个空间节点中。通过空间的多层次状态,多维度的设计技巧为多元的材质系列腾让出空间。人在其中与木产生交集对话,仿佛在方寸间窥见光阴流逝,自然百态。 主色以大地色调为主,简单而又纯粹,呈现出地板本真的样子,同时又搭配少量的点缀材质。以点,线,面来表达物质和形式,点是亚克力灯箱,是空间的氛围色彩展示。线镜面和地板的碰撞,是属性的表达和若隐的展示,面是垂直的组合,表达了仪式,是对于自然和木的敬畏。 利用地板本身的特别工艺,如顶面造型、长卡座靠背(卡扣可更换地板)等等,展示在空间里。让人更加直观的观察到产品的平立面,阐述了空间的自信同时放大了产品的高级感。
Consider it from the tree's vantage point: Using the fundamentals of time, space, and existence People and wood are both organic creations, growing and resting with the variations in light throughout the day and finally recorded through the texture of wood, as demonstrated by the serialized exploration and derivation of floors. To this day, people still construct their homes out of timber, ensuring that the cycle of life between trees and humans will never be broken. Interdependence between humans and trees is a timeless legacy that is passed down from generation to generation. When unnecessary ornamentation is stripped away from a space or its products—whether in the name of natural purity or an appreciation for good architecture—the result is something other than a static storefront: the design's essential qualities are revealed in a more streamlined presentation. Due to a shift toward a younger demographic among mainstream consumers, the conventional model room is now being treated more like an art gallery. Social media with Weibo, Wechat and small red book, advocating "beauty is justice," and a generation that isn't satisfied with a single style but instead seeks personalization and hopes for efficiency describe the generation that emerged in the wake of the 1990s and '95s as the dominant consumer force in the market. A shift in consumption habits is an inevitable result of such consumer demand. The designer is in sync with the future business operation concept and adheres to the current idea of de-traditionalization, restraint, attitude, and environmental protection of sustainable development. Allow the product, space, nature, and people to all reverberate with the passage of time, all while adding a subtle depth to the spatial texture. Geometric lines of varying thicknesses and orientations weave in and out of one another, serving as gateways and creating a fresh vibe in the area. Living with wood is a philosophical expression of the interconnectedness of nature, humans, and life. Humans and trees are both natural creatures that depend on the earth for sustenance. People and structures are blended into the natural world through the use of deconstructed architectural blocks, the vertical and horizontal patterns of wooden floors, low-saturation earth-toned façades, and ambient lighting; this allows the space's dispersed geometric lines to convey the feeling of freedom one experiences in the great outdoors. Permit visitors to explore all offerings and interact with each node in the space as per the planned itinerary. By utilizing the space's layered configuration, designers can accommodate a wide range of materials. It's natural for people to converse with the wood, almost as if they can read the passage of time in a square inch. The floor is painted primarily white, a color that is both simple and pure and that conveys an accurate portrayal of the surface. This is complemented by a minimal use of decorative elements. Points, lines, and surfaces are the language of matter and form. The acrylic light boxes serve as the space's ambiance and color display. Expression and a hazy presentation of qualities are both displayed in the impact of the line mirror surface with the floor. The vertical arrangement of the surface conveys respect and reverence for the natural world and for wood. Highlight the floor's one-of-a-kind details, like its top shape, long card seat back (the floor can be replaced by the buckle), etc. Enhanced confidence in the area and respect for the product result from enhanced intuitive product observation.