• 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 70 ㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2022-11-20    Completion Date : 2022-11-20
  • 设计师 : 李彦霏   Designer : Yanfei Li
  • 摄影 : Freeman
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 8877 Interiors
  • 官网/公众号 : 8877 Interiors 设计事务所
MEET NAIL是一家高端连锁美甲品牌店,该项目位于上海徐汇滨江,室外环境为地下一层,采光有限,因此在最初的设计思路上是希望尽量从各角度“借光”,增加室内光线。 我们将设计概念定为 “Light in the views”,空间设计主要体现在利用外立面、顶面、墙面、地面倾斜的折角形成不同结构的立体视角,同时结合灯光与自然光的运用,规划出品牌方在有限空间里,一天中不同时段合理使用多个功能性区域的场景,从而突出品牌独特的美学理念。 室内顶部中间的宽屏灯带将左右两侧向内倾斜顶面隔开,巧妙地运用了空间挑高的优势,优化了空间上下结构比例,有层次地展现了结构上的丰富性。内部空间主体依照品牌功能性区域需求被划分成六个区域使用,为了不影响采光的使用,在接待区与等候区设计了有机玻璃隔断划分,其他区域则利用墙面折角进行划分。同时,我们还特意为品牌定制了使用自主研发的再生水磨石制作而成的接待台和中岛操作台,这种特殊材质主要利用再生塑料颗粒结合回收的石材重新压制而成的,有着独一无二的表面肌理。整体空间颜色以橘棕调为主,较为柔和且沉静。夜晚结合宽屏炫彩的灯带,形成特有的高级氛围感。 室外立面采用渐变色机理涂料,设计了自动感应落地玻璃移门,最大限度将室外自然光引入室内,增加室内白天的光线以及内外环境的呼应。在结构上借助原始的倾斜面和垂直侧面,运用了三角向内切割结构,增加层次感。
MEET NAIL is a high-end chain nail brand store. The site is located in Shanghai along the Xuhui Riverside. The basement floor serves as the outdoor setting, and there is not much lighting. As a result, the initial design concept was to "borrow light" from diverse angles as much as possible to enhance the amount of indoor light. The design theme we chose is “Light in the views”. The space design is primarily represented by the utilisation of the angled corners on the facade, roof, wall, and ground to create multiple various three-dimensional perspective of various structures, and combining lighting and natural light to plan the limited space. The scene of rational usage of several functional sections at different times of the day within a limited space exemplifies the distinctive aesthetic vision of the brand. The widescreen light strip in the middle of the top of the interior separates the left and right sides by sloping the roof inward, skillfully using the advantage of the height of the space, optimizing the proportion of the top and bottom structure of the space and showing the structural richness in a layering approach. According to the functional regional requirements of the brand, the inside space divided into six sections. In order not to interfere with the use of lighting, the plexiglass partitions are installed in the reception desk and waiting area, while the folded corners of the walls are used to divide the remaining section. The center operating desk and reception desk, which constructed of self-created recycled terrazzo, and specially customized for the brand at the same time. This unusual substance has a distinctive surface roughness and is mainly composed of recycled plastic and stone particles. The color of the space is mostly in Amber Brown, which is peaceful and pleasant overall. At night, when paired with the widescreen, multicolored light strip, a unique and upscale environment is created. An automatic induction floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door used to optimize the amount of outdoor natural light that enters the inside, enhance the amount of daytime light inside, and amplify the contrast between the interior and exterior environment. The exterior facade is painted with a gradient color mechanism.; moreover, the front side of the facade is structured with the help of the original inclined surface and vertical sides, and the right side use a triangular inward-cut structure to increase the sense of hierarchy.