TU Crystal Plaza Store | Style Unbound, Golden Salon
  • 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 81
  • 完成日期 : 2022-10-10    Completion Date : 2022-10-10
  • 设计师 : 谭晨、牧之   Designer : Tan Chen, YUI
  • 摄影 : 禾谋制像   Photographer : MRC
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 弹性工作室   Official Name : Tens Atelier
  • 官网/公众号 : www.tensatelier.cn
TU Crystal Plaza Store | Style Unbound, Golden Salon  TU晶耀前滩店|风格无束,流金沙龙
TU has always conveyed the brand's philosophy of a contemporary feminine image that is not aggressive, not compromised, unrestrained in style, gentle but also powerful. In order to echo the brand concept, the space was used to highlight the products, and to reflect the beauty of the brand itself with a restrained design approach. We have to use the concept of fabric, the main structure is made up of a number of curved walls, and the final shape of the wall is completed with a number of curvature adjustments in order to create some variation on the single curved surface. The boundaries of the space are blurred and interpenetrated, creating a 'fluid space', where fluidity is fused into the space in a vivid and dynamic way. Like a folded fabric wrapping the customer in a gentle space, it creates an image of the space that is both open and introspective.