Residence,The Twin Tower Building,Nanshan Shenzhen
  • 城市 : 深圳市   City : Shenzhen City
  • 面积 : 500平方米   Area : 500㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2023-01-01    Completion Date : 2023-01-01
  • 设计师 : 梁俊文&廖斯雅   Designer : Joven Liang&Leona Liao
  • 摄影 : ACT STUDIO
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 深圳市有仁室内设计有限公司   Official Name : Shenzhen UR Interior Design Co.,Ltd
  • 官网/公众号 : 有仁设计URD
Residence,The Twin Tower Building,Nanshan Shenzhen  深圳南山双子湾住宅
私宅拥有者是位收藏者,有着不凡的品味和广博的见识,各种来自世界各地, 跨越古今的珍贵藏品,而展示出来的只是其中一部分。 艺术的精髓,藏于空间之中,宛若千古遗珍,潜心酝酿, 犹如博大精深的珍宝藏于寂静深处悄然绽放, 展现其无限的魅力与价值, 与空间内的人产生着无声的互动与共鸣,呢喃着每件艺术品与收藏者相遇的故事。 舒展自然的空间布局,富有韵律感的材质,精致而高级的细节处理;自然与人工相辅相成,新旧融合,不规则与合理的完美协调,丰富而不喧宾夺主,洁利落,秩序井然;克制却不紧绷,彰显着自由无拘无束的生活态度。
The owner of this private residence is a collector with exceptional taste and extensive knowledge. The collection boasts a variety of precious items from all over the world, spanning across different eras. However, only a small portion of the collection is displayed. The essence of art is hidden within the space, like precious treasures from ancient times. The collector has carefully curated the collection, and the pieces are displayed in a profound and captivating way. The artwork silently interacts with the people in the space, showcasing its infinite charm and value. Each piece of art whispers the story of how it came to meet the collector. The space layout is designed to be natural and relaxing, with materials that create a sense of rhythm. The details are exquisite and sophisticated, with a fusion of natural and artificial elements that blend old and new in a perfect balance of irregularity and coherence. The space is rich but not overwhelming, clean and orderly, and displays a sense of freedom and ease that is both restrained and relaxed.