• 城市 : 中国,绍兴   City : Shaoxing ,China
  • 面积 : 50 平方   Area : 50 square meters
  • 完成日期 : 2023-10-01    Completion Date : 2023-10-01
  • 设计师 : 张克彤   Designer : Zhang K e tong
  • 摄影 : 顾真   Photographer : Gu Zhen
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 张克彤工作室   Official Name : Zhang Ketong Studio
  • 官网/公众号 : 张克彤工作室   Website/Official Accounts : Zhang Ketong Studio
FAIRY酒吧位于绍兴市越城区世茂广场,是绍兴市区首家纯威士忌鸡尾酒吧,首次开业于2015年。此次为重装升级,设计师再次受邀本案业主委托,历时五个月,全程亲自驻场监制。作为一直引领绍兴市区最新模式的酒吧品牌,FAIRY酒吧再次刷新了绍兴夜生活品质的新高度,及对小众细分市场需求的探索实践。此次主要的难点还是如何在狭小的空间平衡精确的动线尺度、定夺材质的细微差别及多个不同工种施工工艺的衔接等工作。因空间面积的限制,设计师首先考虑的是功能与布局,将收纳与展示柜体相互嵌合穿插,在满足基本动线与座位数量情况下合理归纳功能与设备。所有柜门均以皮革包裹,并用3mm厚度镜面抛光不锈钢扣边,触感与耐用度兼具。整个空间为黑色调,立面大量使用黑洞石、灰镜、鳄鱼纹皮革、麂皮革等材质的错体块面有机组合, 搭配定制水晶灯、不锈钢珠帘等精致元素,材质的渐进及质感对比使空间层次感丰富灵动,不落俗套。
FAIRY Bar, located in Shimao Square, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, is the first pure whisky cocktail bar in Shaoxing, which first opened in 2015. This is a re-installation upgrade, the designer was once again invited by the owner of the case to entrust, lasted five months, the whole process personally supervised the production. As a bar brand that has been leading the latest model in Shaoxing, FAIRY Bar once again refreshes the new height of Shaoxing nightlife quality and explores the needs of niche market segments. The main difficulty this time is how to balance the accurate moving line scale in the narrow space, determine the nuances of materials and the connection of construction techniques of many different types of work. Due to the limitation of space area, the designer first considers the function and layout, inserts the storage and display cabinets into each other, and reasonably sums up the functions and equipment under the condition of meeting the basic moving line and the number of seats. All cabinet doors are wrapped in leather and with 3mm thickness mirror polished stainless steel button edges, both tactile and durable. The whole space is black, and the facade uses a large number of organic combinations of black hole stone, gray mirror, crocodile leather, muntjac leather and other materials. With exquisite elements such as custom crystal lights and stainless steel bead curtains, the gradual material and texture contrast make the space layers rich and flexible, unconventional.