• 城市 : 北京市   City : Beijing
  • 面积 : 275 sqm
  • 完成日期 : 2024-01-31    Completion Date : 2024-01-31
  • 设计师 : odd(冈本庆三,出口勉,曹博,叶贝)   Designer : Tsutomu Deguchi, Keizo Okamotoi,Bo Cao, Bei Ye
  • 摄影 : 锐景摄影   Photographer : Rui Jing photograph
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : odd设计事务所   Official Name : odd (okamoto deguchi design)
  • 官网/公众号 : https://o-d-d.design/
粗糙质朴的材料质感令人有回归本质的感觉。幽暗宁静的空间氛围让人身心放松陶醉其中。与常见的高级料理店不同,整个餐厅从材料的选择以及空间的设计上无不透露出安静、放松、舒适的空间氛围感。这样轻松惬意的氛围让人在用餐之际不仅能品尝出食材的原汁原味也能心情上体会到回归本质的感受。 开放式的入口由灯箱及两组矮墙隔断组成,让空间通透的同时也不失隐私感。落地式的LOGO灯箱同前台合为一体,柔和的灯光不仅融入整个环境也不失让门头更加醒目。曲面的天花从天上滑落形成半高的隔断,半透出吧台的效果,不仅让整个空间体现出自然流动之美。也给空间带来丰富的体验,老木头及深色涂料与和纸灯箱的结合也让古朴的气质外溢出来。简约的线条和体块搭配老木头和深色肌理漆材质,显得古朴而优雅突出日式风格。 包间也是同样采用曲线的方式将室外光线柔和的渗透进来,使得空间的光线柔和自然,也丰富了整个空间的体验感,可折叠的隔断既可以将两个房间合二为一,也可以独立使用,幽暗的灯光氛围营造出幽静的用餐环境。深色肌理漆的墙面和黑色花岗岩石材,搭配上老木头的装饰,呈现出简约而质朴而高雅的氛围。
The texture of the rough and rustic materials gives a feeling of returning to the essence. The dark and serene atmosphere of the space is relaxing and mesmerizing. Unlike the usual haute restaurants, the entire restaurant reveals a quiet, relaxing and cozy atmosphere from the choice of materials and the interior design . This relaxing atmosphere allows people to not only taste the original flavor of the food, but also experience returning to the essence while dinning. The open entrance consists of a light box and two sets of low-wall partitions, allowing the space to be transparent without losing a sense of privacy. The floor-standing logo light box is integrated with the front desk, and the soft light not only blends into the whole environment but also makes the door front more eye-catching. The curved ceiling slides down from the above to form a half-height partition, revealing the bar, which not only makes the whole space reflect the beauty of natural flow. It also brings a rich experience to the space. The combination of archaic wood and dark paint with washi paper light lamp also makes the ancient and simple temperament spill out. Simple lines and blocks with old wood and dark texture paint, looks rustic and elegant highlighting the Japanese style. The private room is also the same way to guide the the outdoor light to permeate in, so that the space light is gentle and mellow , but also enriches the space experience, fold-able partition can be two rooms into one, can also be used independently, dark lighting to create a peaceful dining environment. Dark-colored textured paint on the walls and black granite stone, with old wood decorations, presenting a pure but decent ambience.