Forest Villa
  • 城市 : 中国合肥   City : Hefei, China
  • 面积 : 545平方米   Area : 545 sq.m.
  • 完成日期 : 2023-02-01    Completion Date : 2023-02-01
  • 设计师 : 洪人杰(Jenchieh Hung)、Kulthida Songkittipakdee   Designer : Jenchieh Hung, Kulthida Songkittipakdee
  • 摄影 : 田方方   Photographer : Fangfang Tian
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : HAS design and research
  • 官网/公众号 :
Forest Villa  森之墅
森之墅(Forest Villa)坐落于合肥市外围,邻近大蜀山国家森林公园(Dashu Mountain National Forest Park),其自然地形景观如诗如画宛如人间仙境,也促使HAS design and research建筑事务所主持建筑师Jenchieh Hung与Kulthida Songkittipakdee在该项目中打造出一种永恒性与精神性并存的独特空间。在深入研究场地后,提出另种崭新的设计策略,既能完善功能的需求,并透过壳、孔洞、空灵三种元素来强化场所感知与自然环境的连接,同时替森之墅创造出非日常性的居住体验。 在森之墅所创造的空间,是一种基于对自然的敬畏与类比,让建筑学习森林般的自然生长,像是序列的柱子有如树丛,每一根柱子肌理都有著独特的纹路,以及相异的比例尺寸,呈现具有视觉与触觉的体验。而景观也是该项目的一个特点,它不仅出现在首层森林庭院,更蔓延至地下二层的天光庭院,和三层主卧室外的水雾花园,提供各种昆虫与鸟类伫留,带来具有嗅觉与听觉的生活体验。这个房子不只是住宅,Hung And Songkittipakdee(HAS)创造可持续生长且无时间性的场所,它带来一种强烈的仪式感与神秘性,替当代住宅注入另种精神象徵。
Forest Villa is located on the outskirts of Hefei, near Dashu Mountain National Forest Park. Its natural topography is as picturesque as a fairyland, inspiring founders and architects Jenchieh Hung and Kulthida Songkittipakdee of HAS Design and Research to create a unique space that embodies both eternity and spirituality. Hung And Songkittipakdee (HAS) proposed a new design strategy that not only improved the functional spaces but also enhanced the site characteristics through three elements: shell, hole, and void, for a sense of extraordinary living experience in the Forest Villa. Forest Villa is inspired by reverence and analogy of nature, allowing the architecture to learn from the natural growth of a forest, such as a sequence of pillars like a grove of trees, with each pillar having random textures and proportions for a tactile and visual sensation. The landscape is also a feature of Forest Villa. It not only appears in the seasonal forest on the ground floor, but also spreads to the open skylight courtyard on the underground floor and the botanic garden on the third floor, providing a variety of insects and birds a place to rest and bringing a smell and auditory sensation. This building is more than a residential villa; Hung And Songkittipakdee create a space that is sustainable and timeless. It brings a strong sense of ritual and mystery and injects another spiritual symbol into contemporary residences.
The underground grand hall ©Fangfang Tian
Nearly a hundred holes create a spatial sense of ritual by architects Jenchieh Hung and Kulthida Songkittipakdee ©Fangfang Tian
The living area coexists with eternity and spirituality ©Fangfang Tian
The moveable p
The art gallery is also a unique space in the Forest Villa ©Fangfang Tian
The open skylight courtyard can see the stars at night ©Fangfang Tian
View from the hole toward the seasonal forest ©Fangfang Tian
Plan 1F ©HAS design and research