Longteng Models Guangzhou
龙腾精英国际模特经纪公司 广州总部
  • 城市 : 广州   City : Guangzhou
  • 面积 : 600平米   Area : 600 square meters
  • 完成日期 : 2020-12-02    Completion Date : 2020-12-02
  • 设计师 : 毕涛   Designer : BI TAO
  • 摄影 : 瞳术视觉工作室   Photographer : TONGSHU Visual Studio
  • 官网/公众号 : 毕涛独立设计师   Website/Official Accounts : Independent designer- BI TAO
Longteng Models Guangzhou  龙腾精英国际模特经纪公司 广州总部
The foundation of this work is the dilapidated old warehouse in Guangzhou, located in the corner of the urban village in Guangzhou. Therefore, in this position, if you want to show the effect of the model agency, design contrast should be the main method. The space needs to meet the two main needs of office and model training, as well as the function of a shooting studio. The problem of the height of the office area on the second floor is perfectly solved by using the girders left over from the old warehouse. It can also meet the height of the dressing room and Pilates room downstairs, and the storage room on the first floor is the shortest place on the second floor. Through different heights, the multi-directional needs of office, training, and storage are solved. Two enclosed high walls are designed at the entrance to form a unique small courtyard, while blocking the eyes of the village in the city and the unique privacy of the model company. The daylighting relies on the skylights on both sides, and various reflected lights are used at night to meet the various needs of office, training, and parties. Each office space is designed with wooden windows inlaid on glass to ensure ventilation in the house. The overall style is mainly white with woods and exposed concrete beams, allowing modernity to echo the traces of the past. In keeping with the design style of the Beijing headquarters, it is also innovative.