House of Attila
House of Attila
  • 城市 : 上海市   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 500㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2022-01-05    Completion Date : 2022-01-05
  • 设计师 : 侯胤杰   Designer : Nathan Hou
  • 摄影 : 郭一   Photographer : Yi Guo
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 法纳兴室内设计(上海)有限公司   Official Name : NOTHING STUDIO
  • 官网/公众号 :
House of Attila  House of Attila
项目简介:整个空间包含前侧的两层主楼和后部的三层辅楼,共两栋建筑。基于Attila 本身的品牌策略整合业务需求,法纳兴将整体空间依照功能划分为对外和对内两个大的体块。入口以大理石墙砖与交替着红、灰色的中式院墙互相衔接,大门与主楼一楼的入口中间,是一个放射性大理石拼花铺就的、类似天井的小院落。 项目创新:主楼立面以大窗户和玻璃门为特色,大量使用了拆除的建筑中回收的实木框架,东方建筑非凡工艺与地面大理石的Art Deco风格碰撞,营造出老上海浓重的复古风情。二楼中庭与户外连接的门洞特意将门套向上延伸,与原有窗框上沿齐平,除了让视觉观感更具备统一性和整体性之外,也提升了空间的感官高度和开阔性。 设计挑战:在项目中,候胤杰带领团队将整个地基进行了重新处理。因为原建筑已经建成百年,当时的外墙和结构所用建材已经无法匹配到现有的材料,设计师选择使用原来老房子回收的木材,在工厂二次加工后,与系统窗结合,并且加入隔温隔热系统。色彩油漆和外墙的翻新也请来了对上海历史和建筑熟悉的经验老到的师傅,在现场一点一点完成修复,以确保最大程度上的“修旧如旧”。
Project Description:The house consists of a two-story main building and a three-story annex behind the main building. NOTHING STUDIO divides the space into an outer area and an inner area according to its functionality. This meets Attila's needs in terms of its branding strategy and integrated business. At the entrance of the house, a brick wall is connected to a traditional Chinese-style courtyard wall made of red and grey bricks. Between the entrance and the door of the first floor is a patio-like yard paved with parquet marble in a radial pattern. Project innovation:The facade of the main building is characterized by large windows and glass doors. Numerous hardwood frames collected during demolition were reused for it. The combination of exquisite crafts in Chinese constructions and the Art Deco style of the marble floor provides the vintage feel of an old Shanghai.The jambs of the doorway were extended upward to match the height of the head jambs of the original windows for a sense of unity to the eye and a visually elevated effect for the space. Design challenge:During the project, Nathan Hou, and his team repaired the entire foundation of the house. They were unable to find materials to match those originally used for the exterior wall and other structures, as construction of the house was completed a hundred years ago.The team decided to use the woods collected during the renovation and repurpose them in the factory to match the systematic windows. They also installed a thermal insulation system.The studio invited experienced craftsmen to take care of the color painting and refurb of the exterior walls. They took their time to make sure that the old glamor of the house is brought back to life.