M Stand Poly Sunny Walk Store
M Stand 保利时光里店
  • 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 110 m2
  • 完成日期 : 2021-05-31    Completion Date : 2021-05-31
  • 设计师 : 唐大舟   Designer : Joe Tang
  • 摄影 : 林边   Photographer : Bian Lin
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 上海大舟建筑设计事务所   Official Name : Dazhou And Associates
  • 官网/公众号 : 大舟建筑(微信公众号)   Website/Official Accounts : DazhouAA
M Stand Poly Sunny Walk Store  M Stand 保利时光里店
M Stand保利时光里店 (在模糊的光影中) 打开 咖啡店应是公共生活的一部分。 M Stand的保利时光里店商场的主入口广场侧,原始条件中,店铺与广场间却被一堵广告墙隔离。意向上,我们希望营造一个清幽而开放的场所,如同伫立在广场上的凉亭,自然的吸引着人进入它的庇护。于是,我们拆除了广告墙,利用雨篷营造出内与外之间的灰色空间,并让所有的界面通透起来。 模糊 光怪陆离的商业环境里,我们每次都试图在材料与光线中寻找宁静的瞬间。黑色的金属格栅给人带来坚实的触感的同时,又将光影切割成碎片,制造出视觉上的模糊。顶部的发光构造使光线均匀地铺开,模糊了内与外的关系,仿佛置身树林之下,沐浴阳光之中。 间隙中的风景 “梁”划分了空间,而“短墙”却让空间均质而流动。外部的景观被短墙切分成片段,空间不大,间隙中的每处风景却不尽相同。自由的平面又吸引着来者不断探索空间的奥秘,内和外的风景在行走中若隐若现不断变换。 开业后我们发现,顾客往往会住空间中游赏一圈,再选择喜欢的位置坐下,在模糊的光影中,享受一杯咖啡。而孩子比大人要更敏感,也更喜欢这个空间,他们会在空间里绕来绕去,会摸一摸金属的短墙,会盯着发光的顶部,也许在思考它的秘密。
M Stand, coffee shop in Poly Sunny Walk (In ambiguous light and shadow) Open-up A Coffee shop should be a part of public life. In the original condition, the shop was separated from the adjacent plaza by an advertising wall. Intentionally, we wanted to created a secluded and open place, like a gazebo standing on the plaza, naturally attracting people into its shelter. So we removed the advertising wall and used the canopy to create an in-between space, making all the facades transparent. Ambiguous We are always trying to catch a moment of tranquility through material and light in the dazzling commercial environment. The black metal grids present a solid feeling of touching while cut the light into pieces, creating a visual ambiguity. The luminous ceiling spreads the light evenly, blurring inside and outside, as if people are bathing in sunlight through woods and leaves. Scenery in between While the ‘beams’ divide the space, the ‘short walls’ make the space homogeneous and flowing. The exterior landscape is divided into fragments so each piece of space enjoys its unique view. The flowing plan attracts people to explore the mystery of the space, and the concealed scenery varies as they walk both inside and outside the store. After the opening, we found that customers often take a tour in the space before choosing their favorite seats and enjoying a cup of coffee in the blurry light. Children are more sensitive than adults and they like the space more. They will wander around, touch these short metal walls and stare at the shiny ceiling, trying to figure out its secrets.