Tangxun Lake Yihao Villa
  • 城市 : 中国武汉   City : Wuhan
  • 面积 : 903㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2022-02-05    Completion Date : 2022-02-05
  • 设计师 : 马先锋   Designer : Ma Xianfeng
  • 摄影 : 吴辉   Photographer : Wu Hui
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 朗荷STUDIO
  • 官网/公众号 : 朗荷STUDIO
Tangxun Lake Yihao Villa  汤逊湖壹号别墅
这是我与老友的第五次项目合作,时间的厚度也是人心的深度。三谷龙二的碗放在他的案头,无须多言,我大概知道他想要什么,这将是一座安放身心的居所。作为设计师,把心立住,再做断舍离,多余的浮沫撇掉,可以更本质一点。方案模型反复打磨, 新老柚木料,先通过触摸的过程了解它的习性,然后开始考虑怎么用好它们。度假屋有几处花园,在自然的怀抱中,将景物的变化留在自己手中。室内四壁露出水泥本质,触感冰凉,轮廓简洁明朗,色彩灰度纯粹,老铁力木门板、写入历史的经典椅子、北齐的石造像,所有这些,把人工做旧的新物混入真正的老物中,在积累重叠的时间里,呈现出一个时间交汇的空间。老友亲自画图,盯着木工师傅手作的一百多件家具,就这样静静地安放在其中,那是一段开始流淌的新时间。
This is my fifth project with my old friend. The thickness of time is also the depth of the human heart. Ryuji Mitani's bowl is placed on his desk, and without words, I knew what he wanted, it would be a place for the mind and body. As a designer, it is important to put the heart in place, and then make a break, and skim off the excess foam, so that it can be more essential. The model of the plan was repeatedly polished, and the old and new teak woods were first touched to understand its habits, and then we started to consider how to use them well. There are several gardens in the vacation house, in the embrace of nature, leaving the change of scenery in our own hands. The four walls of the interior reveal the essence of concrete, cool to the touch, with simple and clear contours and pure colors of gray, old iron-lipped wooden door panels, classic chairs written in history, stone statues from the Northern Qi, all of which, mixing artificially made old new things into the real old ones, present a space where time intersects in the accumulation of overlapping time. The old friend personally drew the picture, staring at the carpenter's hand-made more than a hundred pieces of furniture, just quietly resting in it, that is a new period of time that began to flow.