OCAT Cultural Center in OCT Xi’an
华侨城西咸沣东文化中心-望周 | OCAT西安馆
  • 城市 : 西安   City : Xian, China
  • 面积 : 2875㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2020-09-17    Completion Date : 2020-09-17
  • 设计师 : 于强室内建筑师事务所   Designer : YuQiang & Partners
  • 摄影 : 郑焰 李乾钊   Photographer : Zhengyan, Liqianzhao
  • 官网/公众号 : http://www.yuqiang.com
OCAT Cultural Center in OCT Xi’an  华侨城西咸沣东文化中心-望周 | OCAT西安馆
项目背景: 隐于古都肌理的华侨城·西咸沣东文化中心 —— 望周暨OCAT美术馆,是华侨城集团打造的文旅融合示范项目。毗邻著名的[镐京遗址],未来将致力于整合多方资源,以国际化水准呈现并推介中国当代艺术,支持多样化文化交流项目。 设计理念: YuQiang&Partners 深植于西咸沣东文化属性,担任了此次望周先导区暨OCAT西安馆的设计。于新旧共存、多元兼容的立意之上,设计师从新现代主义的视角,诠释艺术符号的时代性,溯源并拓新,令这个文化空间从外在到内核都鲜活起来,作为承载历史的碑石、填充文明的注脚、艺术的容器而存在着,召唤过去与现代的交融。 项目特点: 室内设计借由与景观的光影互动而切入,通过三个自然庭院的串联、组合,巧借建筑顶部线形天井的光,展厅内部与外部庭院相互借景,艺术成为自然的画框,自然成为艺术的点缀。设计师将各类人文风光引入空间,呈现多重意韵,开合有序,简练净空。
Project background: The OCT Xi Xian Feng Dong Cultural Center -- OCAT Art Center, located in a nostalgic city, is a demonstration project upon cultural and tourism integration created by OCT Group. Adjacent to the famous Haojing Site, the art center will be committed to integrating multiple resources, presenting and promoting contemporary Chinese art by international standards, and supporting cultural diversity exchange projects in the future. Design concept: Deeply exploring the cultural attributes of Xi Xian Feng Dong, Yu Qiang & Partners served as the designer of the pilot area of OCAT Art Center in Xi’an. Considering the concept of old-and-new coexistence and multiple compatibility, the designers interpreted the contemporary nature of the art symbols from the perspective of neo-modernism, made innovations within its origin, so as rejuvenated this cultural space from the inside out. As a monument to carry history, a footnote to enrich civilization, and an art container, it integrates the past and the present. Project characteristics: The interior design emphasizes the interaction of light and shadow. Through the connection and combination of the three courtyards, with the clever use of light on the linear patio at the top of the building, the interior exhibition hall and the exterior courtyard reflected on each other. Art becomes a frame of nature, and nature embellishes art.The designers introduce various humanistic landscapes into the space, presenting multiple meanings properly, appropriately, and simply.