Fuzhou Mawei Shipbuilding Library
  • 城市 : 福州   City : Fuzhou
  • 面积 : 1200平方米   Area : 1200㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2021-08-03    Completion Date : 2021-08-03
  • 设计师 : 胡之乐   Designer : Hu Zhile
  • 摄影 : 张锡,田方方   Photographer : Studio FF, Zhang Xi
  • 官网/公众号 : 网址:www.wjstudio.cn / 公众号:wanjingdesign   Website/Official Accounts : www.wjstudio.cn /wanjingdesign
Fuzhou Mawei Shipbuilding Library  福州马尾船政书局
福州,作为中国近代史上最为重要的城市之一,它的记忆与文化一定离不开“船政”。船政书局是福州马尾船政文化的输出点,也是它的落点。通过设计,这个空间可以拥有更完善的文化表达。它不仅是一个书局更是一处精神空间。 船政书局,位于福州市马尾区船政文化广场内,原建筑为当地船厂的仓库。作为该区域文化精神的聚合点,它汇集了船政文化的宣传、教育以及学术研究等多种功能。 它的设计,以“造船”回顾历史,以“营书”望向未来——它通过抽象而现代的语言,在室内构建起船舶;同时也以图书馆式的服务与体验,探索文化传播的新模式。 设计以“船”为元素,将整个书局想象为一艘在文化浪潮中航行的方舟。借由传统船舶的空间布局,书局中形成了多元而丰富的空间组合。船首、船仓、船尾,都被抽象化为不同的室内空间,而开放的甲板、半开放的舱室等象征性的船舶空间,也以现代化的方式,在这艘方舟上被重新演绎。
As one of the most important cities in modern China, Fuzhou and its memory and culture are more related with "shipbuilding" history in Mawei district. Now, the project Mawei Shipbuilding Library becomes the starting point and physical space of shipbuilding culture in this city. This space is designed to serve not only as a library for reading but also as a mental space for cultural display and expression. The structure of the library, situated in the Shipbuilding Culture Theme Park in Mawei District, was originally built as the warehouse of a shipyard. As a hub of the local cultural activities, the library has multiple functions such as promoting cultural awareness of shipbuilding, education, and academic research on shipping culture, etc. The design is supposed to look back on history of "shipbuilding and shipping" and look forward to the future of "creating a public library" ---it builds a ship structure in the interior through an abstract and modern language; meanwhile, it also explores a new means of culture and communication with library-like services and experiences. The design uses "ship" as an element, and turns the whole library into an ark sailing in the wave of culture.Borrowing the layout of a traditional ship, the library has a diverse combination of spaces. The bow (front end), midship (middle section) and stern(rear end) turns into different interior spaces, while the open deck, semi-open cabin and other parts are also redesigned in a contemporary manner.