CR Land Qingdao INMOST PALACE Reception Center
  • 城市 : 青岛   City : Qingdao
  • 面积 : 880 平方米   Area : 880 m2
  • 完成日期 : 2021-02-16    Completion Date : 2021-02-16
  • 设计师 : 李智翔   Designer : Nic Lee
  • 摄影 : 吴鉴泉   Photographer : Vincent Wu
  • 官网/公众号 : 公众号:水相设计 Waterfrom Design   Website/Official Accounts :
CR Land Qingdao INMOST PALACE Reception Center  华润青岛灵山湾悦府售楼处
迎海景的华润科创中心,身处在多样历史交杂的海港地域位置,水相设计欲透过建筑构造呈现浪涛跌宕的自然壮阔感。两层楼建筑环景玻璃帷幕由外观之,透见室内纯净流畅的结构型态,搭配水平方向悠长延展的特殊漆痕,形成如海浪层层交掩、流畅又富含远近层次的流动感。 采取室内建筑的概念,多数梁柱干净收入造型墙体,统合延伸的曲度让进退面构筑层层廊道及隐藏在后的出入口,创造穿梭其间蜿蜒幽静的路径,搭配连贯的中性色介质,让情绪静止的内蕴力量缓缓而升。 一二楼主动线梯间是一段狭长甬道,设计师封闭两侧开口,以特殊漆、磨石子延展出光洁隧道,唯一自然光由头顶一方天井撒入,前后段以弧形天花板刻意挤压空间感,唯天井下绽开光亮的抒怀,放大此刻沐浴天光的恒久沉静。
Facing the sea, the China Resources Science and Technology Innovation Center is located in the harbour area with diverse histories. Waterfrom Design intends to present the natural magnificence of the rising and falling of waves through the architectural structure. From the outside of the panoramic glass curtain of this two-story building, you can see the pure and smooth structure of the interior. While the long and extended special paint marks in the horizontal direction hint a sense of flow like layers of ocean waves, it also conveys smoothness and perspective. By adopting the concept of interior architecture, most of the beams and columns are incorporated into the modelling wall. The integrated and extended curvature allows the advancing and retreating surfaces to construct layers of corridors and hidden entrances and exits, creating a meandering and peaceful path through them. Paired with the coherent medium in neutral color, it slowly raises the inherent power of emotional stillness. The stairs between the first and second floor forms a long narrow corridor. The designer closed the openings at both sides and used a special paint and terrazzo to create a bright and clean tunnel. The only natural light shines in through the overhead patio. The front and rear sections were deliberately extruded to create the sense of space with curved ceilings. The bright scene blooms right under the patio thus magnifies the eternal tranquility for bathing in the sky light at this moment.