Emei Mountain Gaoqiao Town Cultural Tourism Project
  • 城市 : 四川省乐山市   City : Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China
  • 面积 : 1000㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2020-12-25    Completion Date : 2020-12-25
  • 设计师 : 设计总监:吴敏文 ;技术总监:阳建勋 ;项目经理:钟明媚 ;设计主创:杨翔; 设计团队:李敏 陈浇   Designer : Design Director: Wu Minwen; Technical Director: Ya
  • 摄影 : 偏方摄影 、 又与空间—普尤、 杨翔   Photographer : PFSTUDIO\Pu You\YangXiang
  • 官网/公众号 : 官网:www.super-normal.cn/ 微信公众号:supernormal_design(超级平常空间设计)   Website/Official Accounts : Official website: www.super-normal.cn/ WeChat public account: supernormal_design
Emei Mountain Gaoqiao Town Cultural Tourism Project  峨眉山高桥小镇文旅项目
位于峨眉山景区西部的高桥村,距离市区40分钟车程,村民世代耕作,得以独厚的山泉水资源和肥沃土地,村落以稻禾闻名一方。城市的外扩和旅游业发展,为平静的乡村注入活力,带着对自然美学的崇敬,一座座稻田里的房子开始营造。 依顺着地形与山路,超级平常营造了一段跨季节的旅程。三栋建筑悄然隐落其中,被绿野环抱,与村落、稻田、山泉如此贴近,它们是山脚下的“旅居中心”,田园中的“田间食堂”,梯田上的“咖啡小馆”。三个空间各具不同的功能,却有着相通的精神内核。“新旧结合”以及“适地工法”的理念运用于空间设计与材料选择中,项目前期的走访,超级平常关注到当地有很多正在翻新或拆除的民房,老房材料多为木制,跟随着这些木头来到木材市场,可能要被作为柴木的旧木被“拯救”了回来。时间和使用痕迹让这些旧木显得湿润朴实,经过简单的打磨、抛光后,或作为板材运用于空间中,或作为家具制作材料,而与当地木工匠的沟通则需通过手稿与现场“比划”才能有效。是关于生活的分享、自然美的觉知以及幸福的传递。
Gaoqiao Village is located in the west of Emei Mountain Scenic Area, 40 minutes' drive from the urban area. Villagers have cultivated for generations, and have unique mountain spring water resources and fertile land. The village is famous for its rice crops. The expansion of the city and the development of tourism have injected vitality into the peaceful countryside. With respect for natural aesthetics, houses in the rice fields have been built.Following the terrain and mountain roads, it is super usual to create a cross-season journey. The three buildings are quietly hidden among them, surrounded by green fields, and so close to the village, rice fields, and mountain springs. They are the "residential center" at the foot of the mountain, the "field canteen" in the countryside, and the "coffee shop" on the terraces. Each of the three spaces has different functions, but has the same spiritual core. The concepts of “combination of new and old” and “appropriate construction method” are used in space design and material selection. During the visits in the early stage of the project, we usually noticed that there are many local houses that are being renovated or demolished. The old houses are mostly made of wood. When these woods come to the timber market, they may be "saved" back by the old wood used as firewood. Time and traces of use make these old woods appear moist and simple. After simple sanding and polishing, they can be used as plates in spaces or as furniture making materials. Communication with local wood craftsmen requires manuscripts and on-site "signatures". To be effective. It is about the sharing of life, the awareness of natural beauty, and the delivery of happiness.