Residence F
  • 城市 : 上海   City : shanghai
  • 面积 : 258sqm
  • 完成日期 : 2020-07-01    Completion Date : 2020-07-01
  • 设计师 : 之永   Designer : Zhiyong
  • 摄影 : 陈颢   Photographer : Chenhao
  • 官网/公众号 :
Residence F  F宅
这是一个很有挑战性的项目,一对年轻夫妇希望做一个像极简画廊的家,希望家里的一切都是纯粹整洁。 室内建筑原始结构的核心区是整块并连贯的剪力墙,我们利用空间原始的特点,将这个家的功能空间围绕着中间的核心承重体块展开,开放区和私密区域一墙之隔。这个核心承重的顶部向上进行卷曲并向四边延展,形成类似挑檐状的构筑空间,这种形制的空间带来了居住的庇护感,并将各种电路管道及设备设施隐藏其中。 另外一个挑战是原有建筑结构顶梁完成面后的层高只有2150mm,住宅大楼面前是波澜起伏的黄浦江,黄浦江的水面带来了灵感,我们将延展的屋顶面进行有选择的局部抬高,屋顶平面自然形成了连绵起伏的波浪,以此获得更好的顶部空间感受。局部大面积采用纯粹正圆形的穹形并发光,整个屋顶平面自然优美的起伏变化,屋顶造型边缘线条柔美、自然、灵动。 在材料选择的部分,要让这个核心区和延展屋顶的材料是一个整体,我们采用了类似混凝土的定制威尼斯灰泥涂装,整个家覆盖在这个核心屋顶的下方,其余的部分都选用了米白色的手工涂装来对比呼应,整体空间浑然一体,优雅灵动。
It was a challenging project,a young couple want to make a home like a minimalist gallery, where everything was pure and neat. The core area of the original structure of the interior building is a structure wall. Using the original characteristics of the space, we spread the functional space of the home around structure wall in the middle, separating the open area from the private area. The load-bearing top of the core curls up and extends to the four sides, forming a building space like a canopy-like ceiling, which provides shelter for the living and conceals all kinds of circuits, pipes and equipment are all integrated. Another challenge is the height of the original beam only 2150 mm, the Huangpu river from the windows bring the inspiration, we will extend to rise up the ceiling, in order to get better feeling of the top of the space. Large areas of circles with soft lights, the whole ceiling edge lines soft, natural, elegant. In the material selection parts, to make the ceiling material as a whole part, we used venetian plaster painting which looks like concrete, the whole home covered under the ceiling core, the rest parts are used the white manual painting make whole space one integrated mass and elegant .