International Mansion Canberra Top Floor Duplex
  • 城市 : 广东 东莞   City : Guangdong Dongguan
  • 面积 : 160
  • 完成日期 : 2021-09-01    Completion Date : 2021-09-01
  • 设计师 : 李明津   Designer : Mingjin Li
  • 摄影 : 视方摄影-翱翔   Photographer : Square Photography / Ao Xiang
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 名津设计(广州)有限公司   Official Name : Mindkind design
  • 官网/公众号 : 名津设计CITE   Website/Official Accounts : MindKindDesign
International Mansion Canberra Top Floor Duplex  国际公馆堪培拉顶复
这是一个二次改造的项目,进门即是入户花园,半围合的空间可以俯瞰整个别墅区。原有的房屋结构有意避开或者包裹梁位,天花力求常规的回型吊顶,房间追求方正和彼此独立,以此来建立某种空间的秩序。 而拆除之后,裸露出纵横交错的梁体结构和将近10m层高的坡面屋顶以及客厅区域的高位采光侧窗,复杂的原始建筑结构似乎在等待着设计的重新介入与主动唤醒,让理性的建造艺术指向空间的审美本质和形式意志。 在中空的核心区域,设计师释放出原有的梁体结构,从而,视觉重心转为高位侧窗的“借光”。得益于潜望镜的启发,尝试置入三个圆锥孔,并在顶部设计一面斜镜与侧窗形成一定的折射角度,阳光借助镜面的折射,稀稀疏疏的投影于客厅的立面,展示它随着时间变换的隐约、律动的光影。
This is a second renovation project.the door is You can see the the door garden when enter in the door.The semi-enclosed space allows us to overlook the entire villa area.The original building structure intentionally avoids or packages the beam position. The ceiling strives for a regular back-shaped ceiling. the room pursues square and independent of each other.The room pursues square and independence of each other in order to establish some order of space. After the demolition, the crisscross beam body structure, the nearly 10m storey high sloping roof and the high lighting side Windows in the living room area are exposed.The complex original architectural structure seems to be waiting for the re-intervention and active awakening of the design, so that the rational construction art can point to the aesthetic essence and formal will of the space. In the hollow core area, the designer releases the original beam body structure,Thus, the visual center of gravity turns into the "borrow light" of high side window .Thanks to the periscope, I tried to place three conical holes, and designed a side mirror at the top to form a certain refraction angle.With the help of the mirror refraction, the sun is sparsely projected on the facade of the living room, showing its faint and rhythmic light and shadow over time.