Nippori日暮里 住宅
  • 城市 : 成都   City : chengdu
  • 面积 : 119㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2022-10-08    Completion Date : 2022-10-08
  • 设计师 : 付楚楚   Designer : fuchuchu
  • 摄影 : 季光   Photographer : jiguang
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : wooom studio 物禾木木   Official Name : wooom studio
  • 官网/公众号 : wooom--   Website/Official Accounts : wooom studio
Nippori  Nippori日暮里 住宅
当你步入这个空间,不仅身处于静谧的日光之所,也是与屋主进行着无声交流,这里无不透露着屋主包容和松弛的生活态度。这是我们为屋主Sunday所设计的暖冬之居,米白色的墙面与原木色的加拿大枫木地板相形成了呼应,营造出柔和温暖的氛围感,推门而入的那一刹,使人卸下所有疲惫与烦恼。开放式的水吧台与客厅,整齐的摆放了屋主喜爱的各式可爱物品,精致又小巧,又如屋主本人充满元气与朝气,内心充盈似朝霞,让置身于此空间的人都如沐暖阳。 同时,衣帽间和鞋柜增添的口袋门设计,打造了洄游动线,使得身为自由职业者的屋主在工作和生活模式中切换自如。洗浴室所定制的中轴旋转长虹玻璃窗,兼具实用与美观。一方面,改造了暗卫,保证空气流通。另一方面,暖调微光修饰,打造了浑然天成的温暖氛围。 我们将大面积同色系作为基底,运用在墙面、立柜、窗帘之上,配以原木色家具,使整体空间更加自然和柔和。通透的采光,让阳光在绿植上流淌,生意盎然。——如居日暮里。 我们追求建立人与空间的自然关系,追寻人与空间的和谐互动。我们将对家的理念熔铸到“日暮里”之中。这是我们始于初心,臻于匠心最恰如其分的表达。
When you step into this space, you are not only in the quiet sunshine, but also in silent communication with the owner, which reveals the owner's tolerant and relaxed attitude towards life.This is the warm winter home we designed for the owner Sunday. The beige walls echo the log-colored Canadian maple floors, creating a soft and warm atmosphere. The moment you push the door and enter, you can get rid of all your fatigue and worries.The open water bar and living room neatly display all kinds of lovely items that the owner likes, exquisite and small, like the owner herself full of vigor and vitality, so that make everyone in this room feel warm. At the same time, the pocket door design added to the cloakroom and shoe cabinet creates a migration line, which makes the freelancer owner switch freely between work and life mode.The central axis rotating rainbow glass window customized for the bathroom is both practical and beautiful. On the one hand, the dark guard has been transformed to ensure air circulation. On the other hand, the warm tone and light decoration create a natural warm atmosphere. We have a large area of the same color system. As base, apply at wall, stand ark, curtain. Above, match with log color furniture, make integral space more natural and downy. Transparent lighting, let the sunshine flow on the green plants, full of business. It's like living in the “Nippori”.We seek to establish the natural relationship between people and space, and pursue the harmonious interaction between man and space. Our idea of home is in the "Nippori". This is the most appropriate expression of our original intention and ingenuity.