Fair-faced Concrete Home
  • 城市 : 中国上海   City : Shanghai, China
  • 面积 : 220㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2023-03-15    Completion Date : 2023-03-15
  • 设计师 : 朱啸尘   Designer : Xiaochen Zhu
  • 摄影 : 奥观建筑视觉AOGVISION   Photographer : AOGVISION
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 泛域设计   Official Name : Fununit Design
  • 官网/公众号 : http://www.fununitdesign.com/
Fair-faced Concrete Home  清水混凝土之居
01空间的真实 空间本身留给了设计很多额外的惊喜,保留了很多建筑本身的质感,而一些建筑结构、金属与管道的暴露,也是我们想表达的一种随性、自然的状态,有时间与温度的变化。 水泥无光泽的、冰冷又温润的存在,无法去把它确切的归类为一种“坚硬”的材质例如钻石,也不能把它归类为一种“柔软”的材质例如棉花,它吸收调节空气中的水分与温度,平静空间的状态。 当空间被剥开时,原始的水泥顶面自然地被保留,表面的肌理质感表现与混凝土,看到建筑时期浇筑的每一个细节,敦厚的光泽,记录着时间与故事,镘刀刮过的墙面,记录着空间的诞生,与原始状态一起构成沉浸式的体验。 对于工业装饰的喜好也许来自个性的表达,当得益于工业化发展,个体得以脱离繁杂的劳动以追求更加个性的表达,而同时产生对于机械结构的崇拜。 金属或者说铁制、不锈钢制的零件,暴露出的焊接、转接头与整列排布的管线,原本隐藏在空间中的线性自信而秩序地存在于空间中。 直立在空间中的方钢,承载了更多的视觉交汇点,将之赋予绿色的外观,或是自然的融入,或是一种生命感的语汇。空间的有机与自然的变化,在游走中感知材质的组合与交融。 02节奏与律动 时间,潮涨潮汐,日出日落,呼吸,走路的步伐,空间的律动感。堵塞空间的墙体被打开后,空气与光影的流动被敞开, 当空气的湿度发生变化,光影随之流动。 曲线的融入自然产生了一种空间的律动,柔化了行进动线,钢筋混凝土的空间也产生了一丝柔性与节奏感,渗透情感与节奏。雕塑隐藏于视野中,律动的变化与空间的顿挫,突然出现的转折、衔接,与新的空间体验,而脱离节奏之外的空白之处,是呼吸的空间。 石头中生长出的晶体,看似坚硬,实则是一种柔性的生命力。金属的方管成为空间中的体块,是蛰伏于地面的雕塑。 03随性而居,生活远望。 “世界逐渐脱离复杂化,而追求一种以最短距离将素材、功能、形态结合起来的合理性,及所谓‘单纯性’”。个性表达之余,空间被置入尝试与体验生活的各种设定,碎片式的尝试去体验生活中。 贯通的水吧与客厅空间连通成为一整个便于聚会的空间,会客、聚餐、观影、生活中的YOLO时光。在开放式的厨房下厨、在独立的健身室运动,享受属于自己的生活时光。 在家中探索的时间也是一种自我认知的过程,脱离了外壳后,真实自然地去挖掘日常生活中所享受喜好的某种状态。 回眸望远,感受时间的积淀与变化,这方个性的住宅空间中,将装饰与陈设的最终表达交给主人。
Reality in Space The space itself leaves a lot of extra surprises to the design, preserving a lot of the texture of the building itself, and the exposure of some architectural structures, metals and pipes is a casual, natural state we want to express, with changes in time and temperature. The lusterless, cold and warm presence of cement cannot be categorized as a "hard" material such as diamond, nor as a "soft" material such as cotton, which absorbs and regulates the moisture and temperature in the air and calms the state of space. When the space is peeled back, the original concrete top surface is naturally preserved, the surface texture texture expression with concrete, seeing every detail poured during the construction period, the dun luster, recording time and story, the trowel scraped wall, recording the birth of the space, together with the original state constitutes an immersive experience. The preference for industrial decoration may come from the expression of individuality, when, thanks to industrialization, individuals are able to break away from the tedious labor to pursue a more individual expression, while at the same time creating a cult for mechanical structures. Metal or iron or stainless steel parts, exposed welds, adapters and whole rows of lined-up pipes, originally hidden in space, exist in linearity with confidence and order. The square steel standing upright in the space carries more visual intersections, giving it a green appearance, either as an integration of nature or a language of a sense of life. The organic and natural changes of space, the combination and interplay of materials are perceived in the wandering. Rhythm Time, tide, sunrise and sunset, breath, walking pace, the sense of rhythm of space. When the wall blocking the space is opened, the flow of air and light is opened up, and when the humidity of the air changes, the light and shadow flow with it. The integration of curves naturally produces a rhythm of space, softening the line of march, and the steel and concrete space produces a touch of flexibility and rhythm, permeating emotion and rhythm. The sculpture is hidden in the view, the change of rhythm and the staccato of space, the sudden turn, the articulation, and the new spatial experience, and the blank place outside of the rhythm is the space of breathing. Crystals grow out of the stone, seemingly hard, but in fact a flexible life force. The square tube of metal becomes a body in space, a sculpture dormant on the ground. Live as you wish, live far away. "The world is gradually moving away from complexity and pursuing a rationality and so-called 'simplicity' that combines material, function and form at the shortest distance. In addition to personal expression, the space is placed into various settings of trying and experiencing life, and fragmented attempts are made to experience life. The through water bar is connected to the living room space to become a whole space for easy gathering, meeting, gathering, watching movies, and YOLO time in life. Enjoy your own life time by cooking in the open kitchen and exercising in the separate fitness room. The time spent exploring at home is also a process of self-knowledge, of detaching from the shell and digging authentically and naturally into a certain state of being that you enjoy and prefer in your daily life. Looking back and feeling the accumulation and change of time, the ultimate expression of decoration and furnishing in this personalized residential space is left to the owner.