• 城市 : 福州   City : Fuzhou
  • 面积 : 235㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2023-08-16    Completion Date : 2023-08-16
  • 设计师 : 吴镇枭/康思斯   Designer : Zhenxiao Wu / Sisi Kang
  • 摄影 : 谭小中 吴贺红权   Photographer : Xiaozhong Tan / Hehongquan Wu
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : SENSEWE深思维设计   Official Name : SENSEWE
  • 官网/公众号 : 公众号:深思维空间设计   Website/Official Accounts : sensewe
SENSEWE OFFICE 2.0  深思维办公室2.0
我似乎很难用一种颜色或是一种材质来回应深思维的气质。在脑暴初期、许多的画面、情绪以及场景的出现,让我不断对未来心生期待。但也正是这份“期待 成为了禁锢思维的枷锁、并为这个场地的过去与未来蒙上了一层滤镜。冷静过后,我忽然发现,一切想法的产生,就像蝴蝶效应一样,都对最终的空间使用产生不同的影响。最终,我想塑造一种信念感。从“平衡”与“警醒”作为切入点。让这个场地所产生的一切决策,幻化成一种连续的、积极的精神氛围。 空间概念:通过“蝴蝶”及“太极”的元素结合,以“蝴蝶效应”的底层逻辑概念作为设计切入点,创造“平衡感”与“警醒感”的心理暗示型办公空间,意在从空间中得到暗示,积极正直的面对工作。在时间的维度下设计师仍能以激情与专业态度对待项目,并以舒适的环境与艺术氛围,招待每一位访客,提供一场视觉与心灵的服务体验。
In the early stage of brainstorming, It seemed very difficult for me to find a certain kind of color or material corresponding to our company SENSWE. At the very beginning, many pictures, emotions and scenes swarmed into my mind to serve the purpose of depicting a new ideal work place; however, those newcomers in my thoughts did not live up to my expectations which made me panic. Therefor, my emotion chained up my imagination, prevented it from looking forward or backward into the unknown.After I cooled myself down, I suddenly realized that all of my thoughts combined, played a significant part (butterfly effect)in finalizing this project and all projects to come in the rest of my days. So, why not put my expectation aside and let my imagination run free. I could use ‘Butterfly’’ as a start-line for example, taking the fact that the original Building Structure spreads out like a “Butterfly”.Ultimately, the project is finalized, it started from “Butterfly”(building structure) ,ran with “Balance”(ideas and designs), flied with “Good decision making”(constructing and problem solving) and finally land perfectly into the center of our expectation. Concept: Combining "butterfly" and "Taichi" as basic graphic elements, using "butterfly effect" and “Taichi sign”as foundational logic, we created a room that is full of "balance", "alert" and many kinds of psychological hints, in order to guide its dweller to work in a positive way.Moreover, we wish our team will be able to treat every upcoming project with love , passion and with professional attitude, so that the office will show every our future customer a comfortable, artistic environment, providing them a great visual and spiritual service .