101 Atelier
101 Atelier
  • 城市 : 江苏南京   City : Nanjing, Jiangsu
  • 面积 : 90㎡
  • 完成日期 : 2021-06-15    Completion Date : 2021-06-15
  • 设计师 : 周睿哲,杨竣博   Designer : Zhou Ruizhe, Yang Junbo
  • 摄影 : 微风摄影,吴昂   Photographer : Breeze Photography, Wu Ang
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 衡建筑   Official Name : Modum Atelier
  • 官网/公众号 : http://www.modumatelier.com/
101 Atelier  101 Atelier
我们一直围绕着如何平衡市井生活的嘈杂与工作所需思考的沉静,方案应是一个有机结合的答案,即以最低的介入维持原有的街巷生态,不破坏不扰乱。以最小的接口形式展示建筑师的工作,成为街巷日常群像中的一员,与五金店,咖啡店和小卖店并无二至。 由此,工作室的空间被划分成两个区域,“工作”与“接口”。“工作”区位处平面的两端,沿街里面方向几无开窗,门窗的方向朝向内院,为工作场景提供必要的独立与安静。“接口”是平面上的中间房间,作为面向社区的界面,房间通体附上了黑色,在正面放置了通体落地的玻璃门,如同相机镜头后的暗盒。“接口”房间除了作为展示外在的功能性空间之外,也可比拟成一个被包裹的岛屿,限定在一个具有独立性的构架之中,与外部环境有明显区隔并和其保持的稳定关系,另其成为一个可以沉浸于表现自身的“思想之地”。 院子除了绿植、休闲与交谈以外,也作为一个灰空间承担着外部区域展示的用途。这使其成为了一个自由的模糊地带,为社区生活与传统的建筑工作带来了更多的可能性。
We have been focusing on how to balance the noisy life ,while with the quietness of thinking required for work. The project should be an organically integrated answer, that is, to maintain the original street ecology with minimal intervention, without destroying or disturbing. Show the work-being in the smallest interface form and become a member of the daily group portrait of the streets , no different from hardware stores, coffee shops and small shops. As a result, the function of the studio is divided into two areas, "work" and "interface". The "work" area is located at both ends of the plan. There are few windows along the inside of the street. The doors and windows face the inner courtyard, providing the necessary independence and quietness for the work scene. "Interface" is the middle room on the plan. As an interface facing the community, the room is covered in black, and a glass door is placed on the front, like a cassette behind the camera lens. In addition to being used as an external functional space for display, the "Interface" room can also be compared to a wrapped island, confined in an independent framework, which is clearly separated from the external environment and maintains stability. And it becomes a "place of thought" where you can immerse yourself in expressing yourself. In addition to green plants, leisure and conversation, the yard also serves as a gray space for external area display purposes. This makes it a fuzzy zone of freedom, bringing more possibilities for community life and traditional construction work.