East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore
  • 城市 : 江苏,苏州   City : Suzhou,Jiangsu
  • 面积 : 300m²
  • 完成日期 : 2022-12-30    Completion Date : 2022-12-30
  • 设计师 : 肖明峰,陈磊,杨楠, 孔祥鹏   Designer : Mingfeng Xiao, Lei Chen, Nan Yang, Xiangpeng Kong
  • 摄影 : 颜社视觉   Photographer : Yanshe Vision
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 平介设计   Official Name : Parallect Design
  • 官网/公众号 : https://www.parallect-design.com/
East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore  东太湖喜马拉雅有声书屋
“空间的设计,它所承载的是文化、文明以及所要应对的环境因素。” ——马里奥·贝里尼 东太湖喜马拉雅有声书屋位于江苏省苏州市吴江东太湖生态旅游度假区,本次项目在不改变原有建筑墙体的前提下,结合地方特色,围绕东太湖、党建文化加强文化主题规划设计,打造出了一个时尚、智慧、动感的新型特色文化空间。 如今人们已习惯了快节奏生活与碎片化阅读,这导致传统阅读空间被大幅压缩。以“听见东太湖”为主题的有声故事库在线上为人们种草太湖的景观文化,找回那段失去的闲散时光,东太湖喜马拉雅有声书屋则仿佛是一个线下窗口,与有声故事一同为人们展现东太湖。场地的左侧是一个充满现代科技感的展厅,一个大型沙盘将展厅与慧客厅相隔,科技带来的冰冷质感与文化故事的温暖氛围也在整个空间中完美融合。 东太湖喜马拉雅有声书屋整体风格以原木色为主,声音流淌在木质纹路中,给人以温暖、舒适的感觉。慧客厅的设计灵感则来源于太湖景区的代表元素:太湖水面泛起的涟漪与声波十分相似,我们从中提取了圆形元素;而湖湾的整体外形又与水流的形态十分相似,我们从中提取了流动的概念,层层圆形与流动的线条相结合生成了整个展厅的空间。 在实际展厅中,圆形部分对应是一个声创小剧场,配置一块活动大屏区,相对封闭;而剧场外部的主厅囊括了入口吧台、文创展示台、休闲区及有声图书馆几个分区,设计团队采用化零为整的方法,改变之前空间被不同设计语言打散的情况,用统一的流线形态划分不同区域。 展厅入口处的吧台设有涟漪形格栅来适应建筑的斜立面,在增强视觉效果的同时也具备了展品陈列功能,吧台一侧放置有手绘地图和座椅。 水流的元素贯穿了主厅的整体设计。设计师采用水流的形态将整个空间包覆,所有墙体都由涟漪型的格栅构成,在视觉方面让游客们感受到回荡在整个空间内的声音。除此之外,富有流动感的墙面容纳了“声音明信片”、“声音档案馆”、“声音工作坊”等功能,靠窗一侧的“耳机森林”、“文创展示”及“休闲座椅”等空间也是依据相同的理念设计而成。展厅内的座椅与展台也都依托水流形态延伸而成,与墙面风格统一。配合被展出的有声文创与定制产品,东太湖的特色被渗透在每个细节之处,通过声音与空间传递给游客。 主厅内设有几个独立的多功能中岛,主中岛可同时用作座椅、桌面及展陈使用。在常规布置模式下,三个中岛分别为三个展台;撤去展品后,活动模式下中岛可作为桌面供游客使用。 圆形的声创小剧场整体设计风格也与展厅相近,涟漪的形态覆盖整个空间,形成可容纳多人的阶梯,用于后期作为喜马拉雅系列IP分享活动时作为来宾们的互动交流区。地面上的圆环仿佛象征着演讲者与听众之间思想的电波碰撞,在剧场内激起层层涟漪。屋顶的灯饰与此相呼应,不锈钢顶面仿佛水面,倒映着整个剧场。小剧场外部分割出一个小型直播空间,以玻璃隔间的形式镶嵌在流动的墙面中,隔绝外部声音,满足对直播活动的需求。 东太湖喜马拉雅有声书屋的建成,为太湖景区增添声音的温度,也为悠久的太湖文化注入了新的活力。希望更多人可以在这里听见东太湖,听见时尚,听见智慧,听见运动。
The design of the space, it carries the culture, civilization and the corresponding environmental factors. ——Mario Bellini East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore is Located in the East Tai Lake Ecological Tourism Resort in Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The project combines local characteristics without changing the original building walls and strengthens the cultural theme planning and design around East Tai Lake and Party Construction culture, creating a new characteristic cultural space that is stylish, intelligent and dynamic. Nowadays, people are used to a fast-paced life and fragmented reading, which has led to a significant reduction in traditional reading space. The audio story library with "Hearing East Tai Lake" is an online platform for people to learn about the landscape and culture of Tai Lake and retrieve the lost leisure time. East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore is like an onsite window, showing people the East Tai Lake together with audio stories. On the left side of the site is an exhibition hall full of modern technology. A large sand table separates the exhibition hall from the “Hui” Living Room. The cold texture of technology and the warm atmosphere of cultural stories are perfectly blended in the whole space. The overall style of the East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore is mainly in log color and the sound flows in the wood grain, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. The design of the “Hui” Living Room is inspired by the representative elements of the Tai Lake scenery: the ripples in the water of Tai Lake are similar to sound waves, from which we extracted the element of circle. The overall shape of the lake bay is similar to the form of water flow, from which we extracted the concept of flow. The combination of layers of circles and flowing lines generates the entire space of the exhibition hall. In the actual exhibition hall, the circular part corresponds to a small sound creation theatre, equipped with a large movable screen area, which is relatively closed. While the main hall outside the theatre includes an entrance bar, a cultural creation showcase, a relaxation area and an audio library. The design team adopt the method of turning fragments into whole, changing the previous situation where the space was broken up by different design languages, and dividing the different areas with a unified flowing form. The bar at the entrance of the exhibition hall has a ripple grille to suit the sloping façade of the building, which enhances the visual effect and also serves as a display function. Hand-painted maps and seats are placed on one side of the bar. The element of water flows throughout the design of the main hall. The designers use the form of water flows to wrap the space, with all walls made up of rippling grilles. The visual aspect allows visitors to experience the sounds echoing throughout the space. In addition, the flowing walls house functions such as 'sound postcards', 'sound archives' and 'sound workshops'. The "headphone forest", "cultural and creative exhibition" and "leisure seating" on the side of the window are also designed according to the same concept. The seating and booths in the exhibition hall also follow the form of the water flow and are in harmony with the walls. Together with the audiovisual creations and bespoke products on display, the characteristics of East Tai Lake are permeated in every detail and conveyed to visitors through sound and space. The main hall has several separate multi-purpose tables, which can be used for seating, tabletop and display at the same time. The three tables serve as three booths in the conventional arrangement. When the exhibits are removed, the tables can be used as table tops for visitors in the active mode. The overall design of the circular Sound Creation Theatre is similar to that of the exhibition hall. The ripple pattern covers the entire space, forming a staircase that can accommodate many people, which will be used as an interactive communication area for guests in the later Himalaya series IP sharing activities. The circles on the floor seem to symbolize the collision of ideas between the speaker and the audience, sending ripples through the theatre. This is echoed by the lighting on the roof. The stainless steel roof is like water, reflecting the entire theater. The exterior of the small theatre is divided into a small live space in the form of a glass compartment set into the flowing wall, isolating the outside sound and meeting the demand for live events. The completion of the East Tai Lake Himalayan Audio Bookstore will add the warmth of sound to the scenic area of Tai Lake and inject new vitality into the long-standing culture of Tai Lake. The design team hope more people can hear East Tai Lake, fashion, wisdom and sports here.