Shaoxing penthouse duplex private residence
  • 城市 : 浙江绍兴   City : Shaoxing,Zhejiang
  • 面积 : 166
  • 完成日期 : 2023-07-01    Completion Date : 2023-07-01
  • 设计师 : 李谢意   Designer : Li Xieyi
  • 摄影 : 许亦多   Photographer : Xu Yiduo
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 北京一木装饰工程有限公司杭州分公司   Official Name : Beijing Yimu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch
  • 官网/公众号 : 无   Website/Official Accounts : No
Shaoxing penthouse duplex private residence  绍兴顶楼复式私宅
此案为顶楼跃层,业主是一对年轻夫妇,设计接受度比较高。我们将原有的格局进行了比较大的调整。 楼下部分,将入户门换到侧面,侧进门颇有曲径通幽之意。在一层的中心位置设置了一把旋转楼梯,它像一个雕塑撑起整个空间的场域感,同时连接了亲子空间和客厅。让空间层层递进,层次更丰富。有娃的空间需要考虑成长属性,所以我们在这个区域设置了推拉门,拉上既是一个独立的空间。将客厅换到中间也可以让视觉空间感更大,还能减少两个房间的相互影响。 楼上部分,将原来不大的厨房上移,做了一个敞开式厨房+中岛,餐厅也改到楼上,厨房和餐厅之间用旋转楼梯间隔,既相互独立,又融为一体。加开了几个天窗,让采光更好,还布置了一个大起居室供周末电影与茶聊。阁楼的卧室可做客房 也可做以后的少年房,给生活留出更多的可能性。
This case is a duplex on the top floor, and the owner is a young couple with a high acceptance of the design. We have made significant adjustments to the original pattern. In the lower part, the entrance door will be changed to the side, and the side entrance has a meandering and secluded effect. A rotating staircase is set up in the center of the first floor, which serves as a sculpture to support the sense of space and connect the parent-child space and living room. Let the space progress layer by layer, with richer layers. The space with children needs to consider growth attributes, so we have set up a sliding door in this area, which is an independent space. Moving the living room to the middle can also enhance the visual space and reduce the mutual influence between the two rooms. Upstairs, the previously small kitchen has been moved up to create an open style kitchen with a central island, and the restaurant has also been relocated upstairs. The kitchen and restaurant are separated by rotating stairs, which are both independent and integrated. Several skylights have been added to improve lighting, and a large living room has been set up for weekend movies and tea chats. The bedroom in the attic can be used as a guest room or as a youth room in the future, leaving more possibilities for life.