• 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 40590㎡   Area : China
  • 完成日期 : 2021-07-08    Completion Date : 2021-07-08
  • 设计师 : 让·努维尔   Designer : Jean Nouvel
  • 摄影 : 陈颢、张伟豪、顾剑亨   Photographer : Chen Hao, Zhang Weihao, Gu Jianheng
  • 官网/公众号 : http://www.jeannouvel.com/
法国知名建筑师让·努维尔(Jean Nouvel)在陆家嘴金融中心的宏大景观中构建崭新的浦东美术馆。由此,矗立于黄浦江两岸跨越两个世纪的新旧建筑,共同谱写一曲灵动大气的“都市诗歌”。 与让·努维尔往常的作品相比,浦东美术馆的设计似乎显得低调朴实。这位前普利兹克奖得主用“领地”的概念,从一众国际顶尖建筑师中脱颖而出。他将美术馆所处的领地视作一整块白花岗岩,美术馆在岩体上雕琢而出。于是,来自山东的白麻花岗岩被运至现场,由工匠们精心打磨后,形成粗粝的表面肌理,铺垫出“领地”的独特气质。同时,建筑师借鉴了加斯东·德·帕夫洛夫斯基对“第四维度”的思考,希望艺术与诗性在建筑中不断打磨彼此的意义。外立面上,石材表面错落有致的划痕将上海的烟雨糅进了建筑表情中,拥有不同纹理的玻璃幕墙则暗含了“城市之窗”的隐喻,表达出建筑的诗性语境。
French architect Jean Nouvel has created the new Pudong Art Museum within the grand landscape of the Lujiazui financial centre. In this way, the old and new buildings, which span two centuries on both sides of the Huangpu River, have come together to create a dynamic and atmospheric 'urban poem'. Compared to Jean Nouvel's usual work, the design of the Pudong Art Museum seems understated and unpretentious. The former Pritzker Prize winner uses the concept of 'territory' to stand out from the crowd of leading international architects. He sees the territory in which the museum is located as a block of white granite, carved out of the rock. White granite from Shandong Province was brought to the site and polished by craftsmen to create a coarse surface texture, which lays down the unique character of the Territory. At the same time, the architects drew on Gaston de Pavlovsky's reflections on the 'fourth dimension', hoping that art and poetry would continue to polish each other's meanings in the building. On the façade, the staggered scratches of the stone surface blend the smoke and rain of Shanghai into the expression of the building, while the different textures of the glass curtain wall imply the metaphor of the 'city window', expressing the poetic context of the building.