Rebecca’s House
  • 城市 : 上海   City : Shanghai
  • 面积 : 320平室内+100平室外花园   Area : Huangpu
  • 完成日期 : 2023-06-18    Completion Date : 2023-06-18
  • 设计师 : 汪昶行   Designer : Chasing Wang
  • 摄影 : 家居廊   Photographer : ELLEDECO
  • 事务所官方工作室名称 : 同济大学设计创意学院,弄设计    Official Name : College of Design and Innovation,Tongji University,NONGSTUDIO
  • 官网/公众号 :、公众号: NONG-STUDIO   Website/Official Accounts :、Official Account:NONG-STUDIO
Rebecca’s House  黎贝卡之家
这栋老洋房犹如一首美丽的诗篇,蕴含着岁月的沧桑。原本三层的构造,每一层均设有一处的亭子间。初见时,这房宇的原始面貌颓废不堪,天光罕至。然而,我们着手将所有楼层的天花板移去,消除地面的高差,回归建筑的本真。巧妙地将亭子间与其他区域平整,赋予每一层更广阔、舒展的空间。其次,我们拆除了一楼的所有隔墙,让气息畅通,生机自由流淌。同时,厚重的木格栅被轻盈的窗套所取代,引进了光线和窗外美景,门的规模也得以扩大,空间更显修长。 我们充分利用了洋房一楼的高度优势,引入了弧面墙和抽象简洁的石膏线。每一层的地板都呈现不同的几何图案,一楼的地板选用了1x1米的模数,营造出无限延伸的视觉感受。二楼则采用了弧线改造的鱼骨拼,充满了精致的细节。改造后的一楼,从前院到客厅、厨房、餐厅再到后院,宛如一条畅通的通途,充溢着法式的优雅与Art Deco的简洁机械美,柔韧之美。新家中的“轻盈”之感贯穿于各个细节之中,不再是过于浓烈的装饰,而是需要发掘的微妙之处:楼梯下的线性灯,将温暖的黄昏色调点缀在楼梯侧墙上;功能与美感兼具的玻璃盒子电梯,低调而巧妙地融入楼梯旁;电梯内,镜面引入天光,让光线更加流动。 房屋应该拥有一些趣味之处。就像空间和家具一样,它们需要超越实用,注入一点点嬉戏,一抹游戏,这样你才能感受到它不只是一个容器,或者纯粹的物品存放场所,而是融入你生活的一部分。
This old mansion is like a beautiful poem, filled with the vicissitudes of time. Originally a three-story structure, each level had its own pavilion. When we first saw it, the original appearance of the building was in a state of decay, with little natural light. However, we began by removing the ceilings on all floors, eliminating height differences in the floors, and returning to the true essence of the architecture. We cleverly leveled the pavilions with other areas, giving each floor a more spacious and open feel. Next, we demolished all the partition walls on the first floor, allowing air to flow freely and life to flourish. Additionally, the heavy wooden grilles were replaced with lightweight window frames, introducing light and views of the outside, and the scale of the doors was enlarged, creating a more elegant space. In addition, we made full use of the high ceiling on the ground floor of the mansion, introducing curved walls and abstract, sleek plaster moldings. Each floor features different geometric floor patterns, with the ground floor using a 1x1 meter module, creating a visually infinite sense of expansion. The second floor incorporates a herringbone pattern with curved lines, filled with exquisite details. The renovated ground floor, from the front yard to the living room, kitchen, dining room, and back yard, feels like a seamless path, exuding French elegance and the streamlined beauty of Art Deco—a delicate and flexible beauty. The sense of "lightness" in the new home is woven into every detail, no longer relying on excessive decorations, but rather inviting discovery in the subtleties: linear lighting under the stairs, casting a warm twilight hue on the stairwell's side wall; a glass elevator box that combines functionality and aesthetics, subtly integrated beside the stairs; within the elevator, mirrors introduce natural light, enhancing the flow of light. A home should have some playful elements. Just like spaces and furniture, they need to transcend mere utility, injecting a bit of playfulness and whimsy so that you can feel that it's not just a container or a place to store objects, but an integral part of your life.